You Should Come And See

We are your people
We search,
Our feet touch the earth, the ground, we like to feel the ground, bare. We like the way our footprints look in the sand. Our toes and our heels making an imprint.

We like to fix- we like to help, not fix- but help, we really really like to help. We like to plant. We dig, and put in seeds, and we love our land so much, we love every bit of it; The stones- we mark them. The maayanot- we dip in them, immerse. The trees- we sit under.

We celebrate each other so much, can’t you see how we celebrate each other, how we wear our hearts on our sleeves. How we get hurt all the time, yet we remain, can’t you see, how much trauma we have, yet we built a country, and called it in your name, how we fight, for you.

Can’t you see, how much we care, an abnormal amount. Can’t you see the fire that burns in our bones. How much we care, how much we love.

We work so hard- we try to find our truths. The world is full of lies, but here, we are still uncovering. We are wiping dust off diamonds.

I met a boy, I met a girl, who have seen their love broken, cracked, in front of their eyes, and they took to the hills to find you again. To find you deeper, to close their eyes softer, and let their bleeding hearts heal with your name in the cracks. Stubborn, like the enemies you sent to throw burning and stab sharp.

Can’t you find us already, we are right here. And we are only getting fiercer. But also, we are tired, and you need to find us. We are here, where you said to meet. We’re at our meeting spot, and we’re so beautiful, and you need to comfort us.

‘Cause some of us are trying too hard, and some of us are forgetting who they are, and some of us are broken, and some of us are forgetting. And so many of us are dying.

But we’re here, waiting, in our spot, where you said. But the soul of your people is fierce, and the pressure has produced some precious diamonds. I’ve seen them- I’ve seen your diamonds, they are so beautiful, and they hurt.

The soul of your people is joyful- they smile and laugh and share everything they have with each other. They share their bread and they share their shelter, and they share their strength- and they love to love, even though.
And the soul of your people is exacting, they define and question. They search and research. They learn your wisdom and drink it as an elixir of life.

And they are so sweet like honey. And you should come and see, ‘cause they are so so beautiful and they never gave up.

Come see, you should see how joyful they are, and how deep they are, and how fierce they are and how kind they are, and how sincere they are, and how much they hurt, and how they use your land to heal their wounds, and how they take care of your land- is this where you told us to meet? ‘Cause we’re here.

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  1. Mendel October 14, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Wow. This is amazingly beautiful


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