I am here and it’s okay..
Learning the art of allowing and how to breathe.

I flutter through this universe called life. I can feel the cosmos run through my veins, pumping love into my heart. Excitement rushes like waves through my body out into the world. My deep love for this world and all its inhabitants has pushed me to be stronger, stronger than I could have imagined.

Stay here with me for a while and have a warm cup of tea. You deserve to rest. Breathe in the sunshine and allow the moon’s rays to caress you. Lets heal together. Lets be in peace and breathe slowly for a while.

I’m grateful to be a daughter of the most high and I yearn to serve. Take my hand and let’s walk this planet side by side quietly, in peace and harmony.

I want all your dreams to come true and I want all the wounds of this planet to heal. The black holes inside my heart are closing and new spectacular light shines.

I am ready.

Will you help me to tend to this beautiful garden in front of us so that our children’s children can benefit from the delicious fruit we have worked for?

Blessings to your sweet searching soul.

I’m here with you pondering, investigating, learning, growing…. go ahead water yourself, blossom.

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