Once Upon A Time In A Psych Ward

Cold walls
Cold steel doors
Cold eyes of people who were no longer people
Left cold in that place that was no longer a place
But only
A glitch in time
And It was so cold
The very feel of it all
So informal, so nauseously normal
Take off your clothes
Take off your needs
Take off your humanity
Turn around
Expose all sides to be sure that nothing remains yours
Strip away the layers of yourself and fold them nicely,
Set them down so we can take them far far away
And then join the rest,
the restless
Absorb their pain
Judge them, observe them
Flirt with the idea of letting go
Of becoming one of them
Like an animal in a cage
watching the other animals
in the same cage
Sneering, separating, searching
It’s the same cage
And you put yourself in it
You deserved it
And now you want out?
And when the fight comes back
When your will begins to burn
They will fold it nicely
And tuck it far far away
With your clothes, and your humanity
And all of your hope
All of you
There is nothing left
No one can hear you screaming
No one can hear the chaos and the fear that comes from the knowledge that you may be stuck,
In one place or the other
No one can hear your terror,
Your pleading
To cold walls
And cold hearts
Your fight
And no one heard when you stopped fighting
And that’s what you do,
you stop fighting
Here, there, everywhere you’ve been
You stopped fighting
Did they take anything away from you that you haven’t already taken from yourself
Folded nicely
Tucked in a corner, far far away
But yes
Your freedom, that’s what they have taken
And you’ve always had that
maybe you’ve been stripped,
maybe you’ve screamed, silently,
maybe you’ve been dehumanized
But you’ve always had your freedom
And now you don’t know
If you’ll ever get it back
Or if it’s simply folded up
In the corner
Far far away

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