Understanding Hishkashrus Through An Indian Yogi


A wise soul

Turban on his head

Would listen to Indian beats on his phone

As he munched on his cabbage food

He called it

At the senior day care

Where I walked by him daily

To share wisdom

Of our different spiritual paths

To Be in G-d’s magnificent universe

The last time I talked to him

He showed me pictures of himself in yoga stretching way beyond the average 80 year old

That I see as a therapist

The way his body moved

Like a yogi invited me to India through his eyes, through his pretzel formed body

I made sure to ask him questions about health

About discipline

About his waking up at 430 am to commune with Gd

To do his exercise in the sunrise

Ahead of his friends who sleep in until noon

Admajed was different

He made me salads every week

With a kosher knife and cutting board I gave him

A salad of raw coconut which he used to drink

The water from

As his first taste to his mouth each morning

Together with peas, raw asparagus, tumeric , and hot pepper.

He excited me with a salad that tasted different from anything out there in American restaurants

His salads tasted wholesome and pure

Just like his soul

When he advised me to stay away from divorce

Saying we all get bored

But having a kid with someone is different

No matter the other men you meet

I said I was different to him

That somehow my divorce was meant to be

In order for me to enlighten the world

To be a beacon of light

Beyond the four walls of my own hair covering

Until one day there was a DJ at the center playing for an Indian holiday

And there he was at 80

Dancing by himself

A small jig, he moved his body

Like a warrior in the sunrise

And asked me to join his parade

Of dancing to good health, living in the present, and dancing with Gd which he represented to me in the moment

When he didn’t come in for a week

I missed his salads but I thought he had pilgrimaged to India or somewhere exotic

Never crossed my mind he would have been walking down the hallway To lie down for his daily nap

When he suffered a massive stroke that cost him a week of fighting for his life

In the hospital

Until he died on Thanksgiving weekend

After living a life of thanks

Of pursing health, good will, and religious obligation

Yet taken with such a surprise

That it feels like a dream that he is gone

When the righteous get taken so soon when their lives mirror perfection

On so many levels

That the average person will never achieve

GD has His ways

GD has his wants

No matter how we judge others

It’s just not for us to know

The secrets of the universe

To be blessed with the now that awakens us

With our breaths

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