True Love

Just cried to him
I don’t feel you loved me
I demanded from Hashem to feel Your love
That you got my back
That you want what I want
That you can give
Without receiving

I asked Hashem for clarity
How will I know the love is real
How will I know the love is divine
And not just another roller coaster I was riding of highs and lows or eggshells that kept me scared to run to express myself and be vulnerable

I was scared
How will I know?
I saw the eyes
Those telling eyes
I hear you
I’m with you
I want to make you feel like you are a queen
And with that he said this toyvel is for you
This mikveh toyvel is for you

He stopped me in my tracks of despair of disbelief
He dropped his pants, his wallet just to daven for me.
Neshama he said, this is for you
He crept in the water
Crawled on his hands and knees until he stood up and made a bracha and took a dive
In the murky waters
Of the water, of the reservoir
We happened to be walking next to

He dunk and then came up for air
Each time
Needing less and less air to come for
And I stood there on the grass just watching how he dove
And dunk his head
Over and over
Repeating his words with even more kedusha
As I stood on the sidelines
Just in awe
Of how he we would jump into the unknown to replenish his beloved
With goodness, with good thoughts,
With sweet sayings of my name in Hebrew with his

As he brought us back together
From despair to repair
Of our souls to unite in one
Because that’s what makes me feel loved the most
More then money
More then honor
It’s the feeling my husband will do an act of kindness for my overwhelming heart
I found true love
True love through a true act of a true soul
My husband

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