Shackled in chains no eye can see
Bound to a marriage that no longer could be
Afraid, uncertain of what the future would hold
I sought advice and did as I was told
To protect myself and my children was to be my task
And yet “is this really the right thing?” many times I did ask
Not to tolerate abuse is the mandate of our times
To not yet have a Gett, how can that be fine?
No mother wants to see her children in pain
Longing for a father, a home where peace does reign
My heart has been broken, shattered and squeezed
Tears have flown freely, washed away with the breeze
I shake off the despair, hold together with poise
Smiling through misty eyes at my girls and my boys
At times, I just want to scream and shout
As I live a life trapped, a Gett I’m without
I’m moving on in so many ways
Learning to navigate challenging days
Embracing the self I have learned to love
Cherishing the souls I’ve been granted from above
Paving a way filled with joy and meaning
Yet that part of me inside is still silently screaming
Let go of me! unchain my heart
I will only be free once our souls are apart

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