Touch And Go

Gullible muse
When you leave the system of religion
For alternate refuge
Amongst the big dollar bills
And the fashionable trend
You see as an outsider how society and culture creates what Gd should be
From old myths to gullible muses
You choose to be an independent being
Not quantifiable
By what he says
And she wants from you
Love of your life
And so you become transparent
As you continue to connect to Judaism
From a bird’s eye view
Touch and go
You touch the fiery coals
Of what religion offers
And then goes back to the city of refuge
In the bar or new car
You love a good time
Away from the divine

So you touch and you go
Touch and go
Until you mimic the ratzo and shuv
Of the keruvim
You are still transparent but Closer
To Hashem more then you think
Because you are honest
Aware of your emotional roller coaster
That you choose to serve Him

So people reach out to you
As the leader of the outside
And they are proud
You are successful
As you seem to be
A true believer is he who leaves the system and thrives
With an outpouring soul
They joke and cry
At the same time
About their own
About their life goals
Outside the uniform way
And so you hear them without judgement or dismay
You are transparent
Your secret is safe with me
But we all know you may seem carefree
But in truth you are nothing else but made to be
A Jew
A yid. No label can make you say
You are loved
You are worthy
Hashem loves you no matter what

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