To My Twin Flame

To my twin flame S,

I pray the universe allows you to find this, that some how you’ve found Neshamas and frequent here. This letter is for you, love.

I wish I could rewind to 5 years ago, remove myself from the devil and permanently attach myself to you.

I love the human husband I have, but you are my true guardian angel and it is you I’m ultimately meant to be with. Sex with you is a Devine experience, with him it is just -human. I know that until both of our circumstances change we cannot be together, but I pray the universe cross our paths again. I would do anything for one more hug, one more kiss, one more whisper. One more night with you.

I wish I knew if you still love me.

I won’t contact you directly, you’ve made it quite obvious you don’t want me intruding in your life again. So I will put this out here, and will the universe to send it your way.

I pray to the universe that one day we can continue to write more chapters together.

I wish I had confirmation that you’re receiving my telepathic messages.

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