This Is The Story Of A Girl

Act 2
The girl sits in the April sun
It is the day after the rain and she is drinking in the leftovers
The scent of the freshly quenched grass
The sound of the birds begging the flowers to grow
Inviting spring
Opening their wings to the change to come
Ready to embrace
She is tasting the sweetness of the breeze
While her skin absorbs the warmth of new
Her golden hair shines in the rays of light that took far too long to return
She shines, and to all who take notice,
sometimes even to her,
she seems the picture of graceful satisfaction
She seems whole
As if she is all at once an admirer, a catalyst, and an integral part of the beautiful creation she now fuses with
She sits as she airs out last nights stiffling darkness and drinks this new hope in
she wonders if this girl,
This child of nature,
This golden haired friend of the birds and the breeze,
Will ever be able to hold onto the light.

Act 1
The girl sits alone in her room
It is dark
In every expression
Not simply a lacking of light,
It is palpable darkness of all shades
The rain is still here and the sky is so upset
so sad
She wants to please it so but it pays no attention to her
It seems consistently grey and everything in her wants to paint it for all to enjoy
Wants to show it it’s own beauty
Wants to reflect that beauty
she has no colors left to give
And so the sky is yet another wanting child she cannot provide for
Even the stars keep their distance
She yearns for them
If she could,
She would give the white in her bones to break up the nights darkness
She’s always known that darkness is more palatable when you sprinkle it with diamonds
Even if the diamonds are billions of light-years away from her
That’s all she’s ever known of things that sparkle anyway
Or of light
As usual she tries to fill her blood with music
Her skin with notes and intonations
Her muscle with memory of symphony
She strives to turn her hair into the supple strings of a violin
Her tears into tunes to carry her heart into melody
But her skin is words too scattered to be sung
Her blood is fear and pain and anger that boils to no rhythm
Her tears too fast and too heavy for melody to tame
Tonight the music cannot carry her heart away in its mercy
so she abandons it
on a boat in a furious sea and
She hides
Under blankets
Behind words
Beneath layers of nothing and no one and what feels like

She hides so well that she cannot find herself
She hides so well that she cannot even begin to hear Him looking for her
The darkness consumes her
The furious sea her own smothering creation
Her lungs have so little fight left in them
She tries to plot her escape
She claws and crawls and gasps at imaginary air
But inevitably
all she knows is the salt and the struggle
And she resigns herself to drown.

Act 3
Mirrors, memory,
Static electricity

Pro and Epi logue
There is a girl who sits
In darkness and in light
A borrower
Of time and space
Never belonging to a world she dances between the breeze and the hunt for the stars
She lends audience to the birds and they sing for her when she cannot swim
Her body is nothing more than musical flesh that produces tears
Of which she creates oceans

She hides
And she searches for herself.

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