Think Again.

*You are a Super Hero*

My daughter once told me “Ta, everyone I know is good at something. Except for me. I have no talents.

I”m not good at anything.”

What do you tell your kid that says that to you?

I need to know because I think I know how she feels.

Look around and you see so many talented and successful people.

In all types of areas. Family. Shlichus. Mekuravim. etc.

Everyone is doing way more and way better “at stuff” than me.

Imagine going through life this way.

Feeling second rate.

Feeling that the things that you do will never be as good as someone else.

What do you do?


Today is your day.

It’s the day that we learn about the awesome power given to people.

The power to reach deep in the heavens, affect change and disrupt the existence of hundreds of thousands of beings living in the spiritual realms.

The power to welcome Hashem Himself into your midst.

( And the power (chv) to push Him away.)

And we learn how this power was not only given to people in general, but to each specific person.

You. Me. Him. Her.

You may think that someone else can do better.

But they can never be YOU.

And they can never do YOUR job.

Which is to do it your way, where you are, with the people that are around you, with the tools and gifts that G-d gives you.

Your best efforts… is exactly what G-d needs.

Because it’s not about getting “it” done.

It’s about YOU getting it done, the best way you can.

And to do it a bit better the next day.

Knowing that what you do, say, learn, teach, and live matters.

This is the most meaningful and purposeful life you can live.

It matters to you. It matters to the people around you. It matters to the world. And it matters to the upper worlds.

You make a difference.

To me, Today is about empowerment.

Knowing that you don’t need to fly to be a superhero.

Because you already are.

G-d has already given everything that you need.

No one else can do your work.

The Rebbe taught us that we are important. He gave us a detailed blueprint, explaining exactly how it “works” that we are important to the process. Bosi Legani is the title.

And showed us how to do it.

And then gave it to us to teach.

Because only YOU can show your people how.

By living it. And by teaching it.

Wishing you success. Don’t know you, but Love you.

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