The Tinkerbell In Religion

Tinker bell
Lived to claim she was a grown up
When she sprinkled dust to her fellow hipster twins
Who danced the night away
Through yoga and essential oils

Never crossed her mind it was a different religion from which she was raised
Where the soul and body took primary role
Over the intellect and ritual from which her father teased her with his negative attitudes towards life and G-d
To the point that they could no longer face
Because she was too much of a tinkerbell whose dust made her father sneeze
At her “superficial” ways to get to the infinite while he was in the back of his house smoking a cigarette so his neighbors wouldn’t talk about him
As they did about Tinkerbell
Who learned to fly

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  1. Mynotknowing March 26, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Thank you for your powerful poem. Beautiful and poignant.


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