The Mark

The Mark
I lay in my bed and I swear I can hear you call
I’m all alone surrounded by these empty white walls
My thoughts are far from pure
In fact they are quite dark
I’m imagining where on your body I can leave my mark
Maybe your forehead or the side of your neck
Maybe fingernail scratches all down your back
Maybe your chest , between your thighs or behind your knees
Either way with my mark you’ll never forget me
The way I touch, the way I taste the way I make you feel
The way I make you call out my name
The way I make it all real
The way I breathe you in and get drunk off your smell
I’ll leave my mark hidden so no one can tell
But you’ll know and I’ll know it will always be there
The connections too strong to deny
It’s forever been here….
From day one,I knew I would be leaving my mark on some part
I could pick a million places on your body
But I’ll start with your heart

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  1. "Chavi" March 2, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    That was awesome.


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