The Frostbitten Heart

Every time of the year
When it gets cold out
When the suns rays stop
Warming the planet earth
There is frostbite in my heart

The light in my eyes dim
The bulb in my brain shuts
I go into hibernation mode
Lying under the covers
Trying to warm my heart
Through artificial means
Which never quite works
As well as nature intended
For us to feel sunshine
For happiness to radiate
From within ourselves

G-d, why did you create winter
Chilling us from the inside out
Freezing my whole universe
The ticking of the clock stops
Making time stand still
My bare feet are stuck to a sheet of ice
In what some call a winter wonderland

Can you hear the chilling silence
That descends upon the rooftops
As I wait for the months to slide
Like a slithering slimy cobra
Spreading venom through my veins
Burning through my flesh like fire

A heavy fog obscures my vision
Blinding everything in my path
I try and feel my way around
Wrangling to navigate the impossible
Trying to function in a realm
Where colors are faded and dull

I tread in the slushy ice cold water
My body wrangles with hypothermia
I fight a battle to stay alive
Trying to beat my mind at its game
My fingers trace haunting lyrics
On frosted foggy windows

I wait for the seasons to change
Searching for the first sign of Spring
Finally a bulb peers out from the earth
The air permeates with hope again
My heart bursts in an explosion
Like a firecracker on a dark night
Celebrating in colors so vibrant

Still I feel a faint chill in my bones
Knowing the inevitable is not far away
As the seasons will soon change
And winter will descend upon us again

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