The Father I Could Have Had

You entered my life when I was 14. My mother was finally happy. I finally had a “dad” I could look up to. But you had us all fooled.

A couple years down the line you murdered me in my sleep. You took away all the trust I had in the universe, all my self confidence and my mind. You made me choose between my life and the lives of my family.

I played dead until I just couldn’t anymore. I fought back. I worked hard. I saved my life. I saved my family. The family you will never again have a part in.

You could have been a great dad, but you chose to sexually abusive me instead and now you’re dead to me.


Note from Neshamas: If you are a survivor of rape or sexual abuse, you aren’t alone.¬† Call 1-800-HOPE (4673) or go to the RAIN website to find immediate help.

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