The Depths

Little background ….. when I was 14 my best friend was murdered during a murder – double suicide situation . ….. a lot of my ‘stuff’ stems from that moment in time and shaped who I have become and is reflected in my writing .

The depths of my pain are so deep and so vast
Not even the oceans could fill this void
The glass is not half full, but hopelessly empty and dry as the barren parched desert
The gaping wound still festers and the air still escapes my chest making the simple act of taking in a full breath of life excruciating
The hurdle of moving past and soldiering on is like a trek up a mountain lacking a peak
beyond Insurmountable
The thought of ‘what if’ is Mentally agonizing and eats away at my core-being rattling any kind of stability I have pretended to assemble over the years
The truth is
I have been left shattered, broken.
I have been left behind to rebuild on a decimated foundation that trembles and deteriorates with every wind and bruise.
The depths of my pain are so deep and so vast
I miss you .

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