The Bank Teller

The bank teller
Sits behind a wall
Looking into the eyes
Of the poor
Of those who can’t pay their expenses
Of those who can’t pay for their lifestyle and sins
Looks into those eyes as he deposits his weekly 600 bucks
His weekly deposit to his wife who sits at him reading psalms about He who gives challenges to the poor
The bank teller sees the business man who consistently puts money from bank account to account
Neither here or there
He constantly fluctuates between making big and going home
To his whiskey
Then the bank teller looks into the eyes of college student
About to start a life of paying loan after loan to start a career and a family
If only the bank teller could talk back
Could advise
Could tell us what he in his heart knows
Is good for us
Since He sees the bank account of others along with their struggles
Why o why
This bank teller is no other then Hashem himself sitting there waiting for us to reach over the wall that he sits to grab him and shake him up to speak back
To comfort us
And so we pray from the other side of the bankteller

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