Take Away The Pain

You said you’ll go for a short while,
Must be heavenly up there not to come down again.
You make the desire so much harder.
I have the opportunities.
Right in front of my eyes,
I don’t need to even ask.
And it’s so tempting,
Looks so relieving,
So freeing,
One puff away far from the pain,
One inhale closer to destruction.
I know the truth,
I know it’s tempting,
Its not a relief,
How I wish you would help,
Show me how much more to appreciate what I have.
Not to go out looking for more.
I have it all,
Every answer,
Every explanation.
But is that what I’m looking for?
I know where I come from is complete.
But the desire is too strong,
And that’s where I ask you,
My dear brother who took his own life,
Thought I may not have helped you to my full capabilities,
I ask that you hear my plea.
Request from the one above,
Take away the hurt,
The sorrow,
The guilt,
The anger,
The hate,
The loneliness
Take away the pain.
I want to help you up there,
But I’m just a selfish human being,
Thinking just of detoxing myself,
Watching everyone else slide,
Everyone is trying to survive,
But I’m sinking along with other swimmers.
Don’t let me drown,
Bring the boat.
I’m waiting for you.

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  1. Devorah andrusier February 5, 2019 at 11:37 am

    How can I reach out to this person. I am becoming a recovery coach and would love to help!


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