My Sweet Little One

My dear sweet little one, I held you yesterday and felt your pain. I know that you have no idea what is going on, you are too young to understand. Mammy and Tatty are no longer living together and everything seems very strange to you. There is no explaining to a 2 year old, all we can do is try to make you feel as loved as we possibly can.

I wish I could tell you that it’s all going to be OK and that it is not your fault. I wish I could help you understand that you were very much wanted, but then things went terribly wrong. I wish I could help you realize that each person involved in this loves you so much and you are a very precious part of their heart.

But I’ve been in your place so, sadly, I know what awaits you.
I’ve traveled this journey.
It can be rough and stony and lonely and frightening at times.

If I could do this journey for you I would – but I can’t – so all I can do is hold you tight and hope and pray you know I am here for you.

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