“You don’t realize how strong you are.”
…But I’m really not.
“You are stronger than this.”
Then why is it breaking me?
“You had the strength to get out.”
…But I didn’t.
“You had the strength to leave.”
No, he’s the one who left.
“You’re strong because he didn’t break you.”
…But he did.
“You’re strong because you’re okay.”
Says who?
“You’re strong because you’ll get over this.”
Will I get over this?
“You’re strong because you’ve moved on.”
I’m trying, I guess…
“You’re strong because you know someone better is out there waiting for you.”
Is there?
“You’re strong because you’ve learned for next time.”
Have I?
“You’re strong because you’re still you.”
Am I?
I’m not strong;
It’s merely relative.
So I muster the strength
To smile and nod
And let you think
That I am strong.

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