Why I Sleep Naked Before Rosh Hashanah

It’s hot
But it’s really not
I wear many layers during the day
A shirt that covers my elbows
A shirt that covers my knees
Barely have time to breathe
While I access these spiritual keys

To look like a tznius magazine
To be part of a Jewish community
To seek my inner needs
This time of my life calls for super cleansing
Of detoxing from
the layers that make me tight and contracted
That strip me of my true soul

And so I sleep naked in those midnight hours
Where my soul goes upwards
To catch a pulse of the upper world’s
I lie here waiting in my bed
To feel the sheets to my skin
To awaken within
The power to feel
Skin to skin
Between me, myself and akin

Embracing my body in full,
I touch to feel what’s sits
What feels rough
And what needs attention

What feels sensual
What feels sexual
And what imperfections are really perfect balances that keep me in perfection

My hand follows my lead of caressing
Of massaging those tissues that feel unloved
Unwanted, starving for oxygen in order to breathe

For this time before Rosh Hashanah
Calls for stripping of the everyday layers
To take an internal account
In order to stand before He

Uncovering my masks and dressings
I lie here naked before Hashem
Awaiting to be

Surveying my body, I feel the curves that match my uniqueness
Skin to skin
Telling Hashem I want Him
Close to me
One in His light
As a subject to a king

I lie here
Naked bare and with nothing to hide
Just naked
Before Gd to crown Him

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  1. Neshamah September 30, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    This is beautiful. Wow.

  2. NeshamasForDays October 9, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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