Singer Of Israel

Living for the motorcycle ride
Outside Brooklyn
He leans into the wind
To feel his beard glistening
Around those who drive past him
Unassuming involved in their petty ways
While he radiates passion in his life
Untaught by his parents and teachers
He plays with himself
With his life
And his next life decisions
Traveling to the holy land
He searches for connection
And to flee his unbeknownst career
That lays shapeless at home

He values stability yet alone he sits
Far removed from loneliness
He mixes music from traditional to new
Humming the words as he fixed the speed in which they speak to the new generation
Which he stands in between

And so he toils
With a pen at hand writing notes
Imagining the niggun in the air
As he breaks old truths
Of what constitutes a Yiddish song
Of the soul
And through that he becomes a singer of Israel
In his underwear he sits from
From now until eternity

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