Silence Shattered


Childhood impacts
Adult changes
Course of life
Choices made
People we come in contact with
People we chose to trust
People we do trust
Life crashes
Or does it?
What happens when life crashes?
When our brain
From day one, things hadn’t gone the way they should?
Your home
Was a place where
All was
Like a silent dark grey sky….
But, silent grey skies don’t stay quiet forever
They shatter
They explode
They break
They shout
And scream
And howl
From the depths of their being
They can’t bear to remain silent no longer
So they cry and cry
And release with such force
All the years of silence…
And untold stories…
Of emotion and pain
Of happiness and sorrow
Of gain and of lose
Of trust and mistrust
Of failure
Of appreciation
Of love and laughter
Of family
Of friends
Of school work
Of humans.
Of stories.
Of fears.
Of overcoming fears.
Of young maturity
Of homesickness.
Loss of friends…
Loss of character.
Of building
Of breaking
Of breaking
And breaking….
Of trusting, again
Of sharing, the pain
Of trying, just trying
To live, just another day
To die.
For what is there to live?
To live.
For what is there to die?
To reach
The unreachable
And break
Cuz I’m a failure.
Unspoken beliefs Of being a failure
Unspoken beliefs of Always being the odd one out.
To realize this.
I’m unique!
It’s just me.
Not knowing who that me that I talk about is
The untold me
The unspoken me
The one that
Doesn’t believe
In her own abilities
The one that is
Blocked from seeing her own strengths
That is torn
Between a world
Out there
And a world
In here.
To not know how to find a bridge
To connect
To try to distract.
To think I trust
To not be sure I trust
To not be safe to trust
It’s unspoken
It’s untold
We don’t speak around here
All is silent
A silent dark dark grey sky
That is just starting its howl
That is just beginning to break
And all will fall out….
Sooner I hope
Than later
Cuz this silence
Won’t be silent no longer

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