I fell in love with the person you pretended to be
So when you left
I mourned the potential
That was never really there.
You never had a heart to be broken;
Your twisted, sadistic mind thought
If you could successfully shatter mine
You could use the pieces to reconstruct yours.
You confessed that you felt most connected to me
When you saw me broken.
Instead of staying to nurse me back to health
After inflicting me with your illnesses
Your narcissistic mind believed
That I was too broken for you to love.
And so you left
After you shattered me as a whole
And once again
Left me to clean up your mess
Shelling out for therapy
So I could pick up the pieces
That you dropped.
And I did.
But even so
You shattered my trust
In you, in potential suitors
In myself
Shattered my hopes and dreams for us
For rebuilding an “us” with someone else.
Shattered my perception of potential.

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