Shattered Pillar

– poem about an ex-role model

Remember what you told me, are you gonna keep your word?
All those promises you made me, are you gonna act like you should?
All I respected you for, is why I can’t respect you no more
And all that you stood for, is just what was before

Cuz you’re not there no more

You dropped like a high low
Crashed into the shallow
Collapsed in mid flow
Gone like you had never said hello

You just left me here feeling faint, you were just faking being a saint
And now well I see that you ain’t, don’t come to tell me it ain’t what you meant.

You lost all your value in my eyes
After all those lies, no more why’s
I felt the disgust and it’s all that was necessary
For me to realize you got no place on my itinerary

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