Sexual Bite In Yeshiva

Born to perform
He never left the walls of yeshiva until he was 21
When he was more focused on the after hours video footage of naked humans
Which he studied more intensely then the strict laws of Passover

He wondered if that was a fairy or if the videos were true like the stories in the midrashim
The rabbis talked
And then practiced something outside of the way they paskened

Why couldn’t he be like them
Who claimed holy words
But really had his mind
On the prize… which was untold pleasure

Could he wait for his wife?
He wasn’t sure
He only knew that he was losing himself among the rawness of what he observed in those midnight hours
Until he could not live with his lack of control of his sexual bite
That was costing him a never ending spiral

Until he expressed the need for help from a friend who saw him for his goodness
His friend told him he needed to leave yeshiva since his sexual bite has not been Good for him
And he should pursue construction to lead his mind towards practical things
And when he desired the footage so badly, he should sing the Friday night hymm eshes chayil
To console him during his anguish

Whether to watch or not
So that he will draw down the ultimate pleasure of bayis neamon in yisroel
Which is a Eshes chayil to extinguish his sexual bite
Which caused him to leave yeshiva

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