Satmar Shidduch Or Dance In The Forest?

We have similar background -check
We have similar education -check
We want to live in the same neighborhood-check
Schools for our children…..
It all matches. Everything!

Even my fried out family says it would be great for me!
He is smart, kind, educated, works hard (makes tons of money) and …. well, he is perfect….

Except his love for the land of Israel.
He says he could go his whole life without going to Israel.
But I can’t live a year without visiting.

So what to choose?
Give it one more date, one more after that?
I guess I’ll keep you updated.
Wish me luck.

But really I just want to run to Yerushalayim and dance between the trees of the forest!

It’s more than that, it’s an open world vs a closed world.
What do I really want?

But also should I keep my inner Na Nach a secret?

Much love
A neshama

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