The Revolving Last Name

A non-Jew he was,

In Alabama

He complained about racial injustice

And the plights of the so called innocent

Never once questioned his paycheck until he attended Harvard Law

In the Zuckerberg Days

He was the first to try Facebook

And then leave the page out of security concerns

of feeling anything but protected from his neighbor two doors down

and so he cringed in the backdrop of the campus

Not disillusioned anymore

He was off to private clients at a young age

And then challenged himself to a months time with a friend who owned a farm

For kicks

And so he went living for the dream of living free from any illusion— of the government, of history,

Of his family,

Of his hometown

“Lies lies lies” he kept his chin up high when he refused a big client to learn the names of trees and bite the heads off flowers

He realized his time had come to manifest his own novel in print to whom he would send an autographed personal copy upon purchase

A package that smelled like fresh paper of pristine caliber

And be printed From a small rustic machine he had found in the garage

“Must have been used in law school” he said as he dusted it off

What terrified him the most was the fear of being in an intimate relationship

How does one go about their day without a intimate soft spoken hello

That he had heard from a Jewish encounter at the farm

Who loved tight holds and cheeky caressing

He knew he was open to her and she was open to him

In that short time span of a week

They valued the time they had together

And never asked for more

Until he announced his non Jewish line of kinship, the one thing his resume could not override in the name of love, unprecedented devotion and


As she left in a last minute ride with two other male visitors he believed he had found the path which philosophers call golden

A distant cousin once remarked how his ancestors came from Germany

An “enlightened” home of philosophy

With too many questions and not enough answers about their last name being Mendelsohn that abruptly got changed

The name Mendelsohn echoed in his mind as he watched the Jewess pass by him with a tear in her eye

Something about the children of Mendelsohn converted to Christianity in a trying age

Could it be there was more to his family tree that was previously surmised?

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