Reb Yossel

Deep within the heart of Crown Heights is the even greater heart of Reb Yossel
Who’s traveled the world through the Jewish book he has studied

Of the rabbi who once lived and wrote about
Kindling those thoughts of feelings of connection for Hashem

Weirdly he left Israel hoping to meet his shidduch
In eir haklippah, the city of the “cusps”
That has a surrounding shell for good and evil
But sin beckons at its door

In New York City
Where light and darkness gravitate towards oneness
Of the subtle godly energy that exists outside of Israel
He called his car a merkava
Because it had endless opportunities to serve unknowingly and effortlessly
And it became a divine chariot
That served its purpose for which the Chassid yossel so desired

In his later years
Of leaving a litvish world for a calmer serene one called chabad, rav kookian and breslove alike
For a world that relies on the shoulders of Rebbes who turn the world
And chassidim like Reb Yossel

He once called me when it was the last night to do kiddush levana
And he could not find the moon in the city of the mystique klippah
And he called me asking if I could see it in New Jersey
Which I could, so I took a picture to send him what I saw
And he asked me if he could come to new jersey to see it
I told him to come as close as he could without paying the toll
And he did

Until he found a moon locator app
which gave the direct proportions of the moon’s location at the right time

And so he did the mitzvah with utter simplicity
And cache
Just like he lived life
With utter bittul and zest

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