Rape Or Death?

Rape or death
What is worse?
Attempts of one
Shadows of another
One by a father
One by a father figure
Which is worse
Which more scary
Which eats away at your soul more?
Is there a comparison
Is it a fair question
Does the trauma of one
Outshine the other
Is this question fair
Is life really fair
Is anything ever fair?
Does questioning this
Make me less than I am
Show my lack of compassion?
I wonder, if I would ask
This question of others
What type of person
They’d think I am
I have no idea
What others think is worse
Because they are both so horrible
And yet…
One gets compassion
One gets a rallying cry
Support her, support her, support her
And the other gets questioned
Did that really happen?
Maybe you’re exaggerating
Maybe you pushed him
Maybe you brought it upon yourself
Maybe the situation isn’t quite as you told
And that is why…
This whole thing is so painful
Because while different
They’re comparable
Equally abhorrent
In different ways
But she gets support
And I’m the pariah.

Note from Neshamas: If you are a survivor of rape or sexual abuse, you aren’t alone.¬† Call 1-800-HOPE (4673) or go to the RAIN website to find immediate help.

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