It comes bungling through the desert under the burning sun
clambering over the burning sands
ominously approaching, the only moving piece
in the vast and empty desert quavering with heat

A big army tank with canon poised
bulletproof and impermeable to weather or weapon
undeterrable by sand or mountains
Bulldozing over hills
with frighteningly bullying determination.

Run and scatter, ye townspeople!
before this powerful machine
Run and hide, parents, children,
I am coming for all of you.

Fear me and hate me
for you will be hurt by me
run from me, take shelter from me,
this undeterrable storm

While my tracks crush over gravel
and tilt up against jagged boulders
coming with a force unstoppable


The tiny bug creeps along
inside the immense machine
holding desperately onto its husky shell
overwhelmed by the astounding energy of its oversized helmet

Scampering along the sands with ragged breath
running scared and clumsily as the sands burn its feet
trying to outrun the sand
the sad

And when the tears fall
and its little body is choked with pain
engulfed in grief
the tank bulldozes on in short frantic lunges
as the little bug stumbles

Please don’t run away from me.

I wasn’t always this way, lugging around this giant fortress

But one morning the sky started to pelt me with rods of fire
and the barrage didn’t stop, even when I fell
and even when I begged
when I threatened, when I screamed, when I pled
when I prayed
when I thought I must be dead


Eventually I found shelter
but there was never an escape from the threatening war outside
my own personal apocalypse
which continued to ram at my walls and crack at the windows
even when I started to make it beautiful inside

I am so small and the apocalypse is so big
I am powerless against its confusing barrage
I am helpless against the senseless assault
I lie in fearful wait of when it will strike next
and where
and who
oh, g-d no, who.

I’m ok now
i think
The noise outside doesn’t seem so loud and I hardly notice the walls shaking anymore

But sometimes I hear a scream, or a window shatters, or for no reason at all I hear again the sound of the storm

And I am so afraid

I crawl into my tank and begin to run
willy nilly and headlong into nowhere
ye townspeople, the tank is coming
but I am so scared and so small inside here.

Please don’t run away.

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  1. Mindy May 13, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Very evocative. Best of luck facing your fears.


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