Psytrance Teshuva

Teshuva at the core
Went to a shiur and wanted more
Connection to just my moach
But wanted to feel teshuva of my koach
Felt a bit silly,
To want to be busy
At a psytrance festival
With lots of different folk
Some religious
Some gangsters
Some who smoked pot but did not consider themselves potheads
So they yearned for more.

It was expensive to me
A littler girl next door
Of suburban life
But never liked the city strife
So I yearned for more.

And I got more
At the Psytrance festival
With hasidim, hipsters galore
Everyone sang their own tune
In clothes and lack of clothes
Of camping out and camping in
Of their comfort zone of their own souls

I danced out in the mountains
Out in the lagoons
Of wild creatures and fairies
That talked Torah without being full aware
They were connected to the holy tzadikim of blessed memory

Together we learned
How to greet the king
The melech in the field
How to release
Through our body’s movements
And the story it told of what had happened over the year
Of who hurt us
And how we used our choices and beliefs to propel us
To the Sea of Galilee of wisdom
And understanding
Together, we yearned for more

Next to me was a holy being
Who shut his eyes and danced
To the beat
So connected
He brought Hashem in through his devekut

Of loving union
With his body
he grooved to the whirl
And expressed his illuminating twirl

Bringing heaven down to earth
He started guessing
That Hashem really loved him
Even though he was messing
With his life, with those he loved
It didn’t matter because in that moment
He made complete Teshuva of love
From beneath the beating sun
And ecstatic music

He had freed himself
Through drawing down G-d’s light

And I stood there
Underneath my prayerbook
Looking at the words
Waiting for shofar to call me forward
And beckon me
In the pystrance of the sounds
To a primal scream

Teshuva Tekia
Shevarim Tzedaka
Terua will ruin any decree
Like did the psytrance music of the trees

Of my neshama
In the synagogue on the 2nd floor
Yearning for more

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