Pearls Of Being A Wife

Racing after love she went

Racing after his looks she married

Until he promised her he would quit the hard drugs

After he got simcha

She didn’t think that would fit in her Israeli budget

So she left unknowingly

If she would return to religion again

After such a fiasco of blasphemy

Of what she wanted life to be versus what actually happened

So she retreated

Retreated into herself

Retreated with her hair covered

Like a dog with a tail between his legs

She made sure to work on being married to GD before anyone else

And she did

She sang as she cleaned and cared for her kids as the school counselor

And GD saw

With a phone call from a Jerusalem rabbi

Who told her about a guy whom she had known to be a rabbi when she was in yeshiva

Who now was divorced as a father of five

She was interested in his life and his guise to be a truth finder and pulpit speaker at the same time

So she rolled the dice and this time brought GD in the picture so she would be single no more

She quizzed him as she knew more Talmud pages than his ex wife could recall

She sparkled when he let her listen to his wondrous mind of poetry and dialect between the Jewish and the profane

She whistled on her way to work because she loved his ineffable way of sensing her voice notes which mapped out an entire philosophical motiph of philosophy, chassidus, and halacha

Why it was a glorious thing to find an intellectual partner

Who knew the roots of one soul

Which they have found in one another

“I always wanted to be a mother ” she said as she looked her new children in the face

Before hiding in her new rented home in the suburbia center of the Jewish exile

She hibernated reading alongside her husband

The best of the best

The books she always dreamt of reading

She read until she could read no more

She began teaching what she read in a kind of dialogue between herself and Gd of how the world ought to be in order to be inclusive of everyone

And everybody that defamed religion in their closet

She looked to her husband with such wisdom, yet she saw the pitfalls of being stuck in an old role which he desperately was trying to break out of

All she could do was comfort him at his weakest and look to herself for strength

Little by little she worked her way to a place where she retreated

Retreated back to being married TO G-d

Retreated to a safe place where she stopped looking for any man to give her respect or validation

It’s only Gd and me, she whispered, after reciting the bedtime Shema, until her independence grew to the point that she was accepted in a new role as dean of students in a nearby yeshiva

That she could share her life’s pearls with the pearls of the Jewish home, young Jewish girls who didn’t realize the importance of being married TO G-d and so she would teach then with her hair covered and all about her pearls for living

And so she did

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