Wtf is Ahava atzmis crap you say we have?! If you haven’t noticed, I’ll clarify, I despise your love. I hope in the future to come up with a financial amount to pay you if you feel that you invested time and money in me that isn’t coming back to kiss you. That way it will be more comfortable to detach completely.

From this point forward, I refuse to put in any effort in a relationship with you. I have worked on it in the past and the effort has been one-sided. Please stop sending me love notes. I don’t live my life to please or hurt you. Go talk to someone on how to deal with the breakup. I won’t lick your wounds.

Whenever I see your silly smile, the way you show up in front of your your relatives and mekurovim in stupid pride whenever your children have a Simcha, my stomach churns in absolute disgust. I have trouble attending and perpetuating the charade because I can’t imagine how much work and effort you would need to do in order to become more of a parent to your children than we were to ourselves and to each other.

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