Pain Vs Peace

Happiness comes in shades of colors

Trust and you’ll be heartbroken

To be happy is to be sad

One day at a time is the key to survival

One step at a time is to be strong

To forgive is to embrace love

To love is to embrace vast void of emotion

Love is not real neither is trust.

Prayer is the key to man’s soul

Laughter is the best medicine

Loyalty is love
Love is strength
Strength is prayer

One is strong
Two are emboldened

Beauty lies within the soul inside.

Peace is togetherness with love

Today is here
Tomorrow is where
Home is where the heart is.

Gather around to be given love and peace.

Absolute is not everything
Togetherness is.

One heart/ one soul Resides within

To be happy is to be satisfied

Days move, years fly
Appreciate today

Love is forever
Life is precious hold onto to it

Deep within lies a monster waiting to be eradicated
Deep within lies a soul deep in pain
Deep within lies a person waiting to be loved
Deep within lies a pain waiting to be eradicated
Please get rid of the pain and allow life.

To openly state beliefs allows pain and hurt

One person one soul
Flying soaring
Living loving

With prayers healing takes route within the body and the soul

Friendship is laughter
Friendship is togetherness
Friendship is beauty
Friendship is living
Friendship is loving
Friendship is caring
Friendship is listening
Friendship is crying
Friendship is being there
Friendship is a beautiful place to be

I am me.
You are you
Together we are one
Together we are strong
Together is lovin
Together is peaceful
Together is amazing
Together is painful
Together is stressful
Together is joy
Together Is at one within
Together is to be at peace.

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