Open Your Eyes I Am Just Like You

Open Your Eyes, I Am Just Like You!
Say whatever you want, I am still a good Jew!

Bright eyed and happy a new life I began.
I never knew I would be forced to take a stand.
Everywhere I went and everywhere I go,
Someone is always asking they all want to know.

Open your eyes I am just like you,
I dream, I love and live life too.
I also have hopes share my laughter and tears.
But it’s the color of my skin that causes you to fear……

Why is it so hard to believe, that almost every day I grieve…?
What will it take before you finally believe…?

Where are you from? They say, you can’t be one of us, no way!
Sorry to tell you folks, no matter what I am here to stay.
You are dark not light we just don’t understand.
You don’t understand? I was also made, by HaShem’s hand?

Impossible a mistake, how could this be true?
Open your eyes, I am just like you…..
I believe in one Gd, his name I revere.
When I come to say Shema everyone moves out of fear.

I am different, laugh loudly, dress colorful too.
I just where a mitpachat to me they are cool.
I love long flowy skirts that go past my knee,
Why is this a problem for you to like me.

I started out strong, thought I made an impression.
I worked so hard it became an obsession.
I lived among you; did you invite me to your home?
I spent many nights wondering, why am I alone.

A misunderstanding and from there things got bad.
I wish you could see all the sadness I had.
Open your eyes, I am just like you!
I wanted acceptance, a place to call home too.

Instead of finding peace, you ran me away.
I got into trouble the very next day.
Something good came of what happened it’s true,
I finally made it to the mikvah, it still doesn’t matter what I say or what I do.

Please help me I cried for I am a single mother
I was told Yiddishkeit was like no other…….
When I look to my people all I got was disdain,
I was a burden a problem, to be ignored over, and over again.

Please open your eyes I am just like you,
I laugh, I cry, I make mistakes too….
It wasn’t bad enough, that I have very few family or friends
I needed your help, you said on you I could depend.

People get busy they are running around,
the ran so hard they pushed me right out of the town

When is the right time to help a fellow Jew?
When you look in the mirror, I am not like you.
Does this make me inferior, less important it seems?
My heart has been broken, wake me from this bad dream.

I had a rough childhood, bad marriage and met this crazy man
He stalks us, he terrorized us again and again.
He broke several laws, called me names it is true….
Just open your eyes, was that the way to treat a fellow Jew?

I went to seek justice, begging for help and instead,
no justice or sympathy, what happened, HaShem?
They turned away told me to make peace,
I tried several times after signing that lease…..

Everyone that was watching that could do something to help.
I was left homeless with children no one cared how we felt.
I went back where we came from expecting a welcome,
We didn’t feel safe we felt so unwelcome.

Everything that was bad that could happen, has happened to me.
Please see me I pleaded, I’m floating out to sea,
Just standing there watching while I lost everything,
This is price I must pay to worship the King.
I still try to smile, because HaShem’s in control.
I was part of the tribe, yet there was no one to hold.

My children were with me when this all began,
They are now both gone because of the lies of one man.
Of course, I will help you when I get back in town,
On vacation you don’t think about me, as I slowly drown.

What would you do if this happened to you?
Your mother, your sister your brother too….
You would spring into action, to make sure they were safe!
I am only a stranger, I felt so disgraced.

Please open your eyes, I am just like you.
I want to feel safe, loved and protected too.
I have been attacked since I got here, front, back, left and right….
My children called schwartze, they aren’t black as the night.

We are constantly questioned time and again.
How can I fight the color of our skin?
HaShem made us beautiful, yes this is true,
All races and colors, and we are all still Jews.

My son had his Barmitzvah after everything we went through.
The Rabbi forgot I was supposed to be there too.
At least they made a minyan and my son never had a party,
To celebrate, rejoice with blessings, so hardy!

What would they do if it happened to them?
It’s unheard of unthinkable, you better think again….
But to me it did happen treated like no big deal….
Didn’t they realize, it’s not okay to steal.

Why do people still look at us as though we are foreign and strange?
My daughter at seminary, it has happened again……
Where are you from, where did you get your color?
Do you have pictures of your father and mother?

The shock chilled my spine as I fought back anger
This happened why? Because she was a stranger…..
Why do all these terrible things keep happening to me,
Where’s my new family, my Jewish community?

Look at me I am human too,
It happened to me and it can happen to you.
Please look at me, don’t turn away,
We are all G’d’s children he made us this way.

There are some very good people, thank you HaShem!
I don’t know what I would have done without support, so I thank them.
They didn’t turn away the saw the truth,
They were even real shocked at what came out of the youth.

They kept the new stranger that should have felt safe,
From giving up hope and losing all of her faith.
Look at me, I am a woman,
I have done everything, the best that I can…..

What does the Torah say about the convert?
Make them feel welcome, less they should revert.
I was walking away with a broken heart.
It has been so hard for me to leave and depart……

Please don’t look away, I am also a Jew
I can’t help it HaShem made me a different hue.
We are one nation of all shades and colors,
But what is our value, not even a dollar.

Moshiach please come right now, everyone screams!
If he came right now, what would be all the extremes….
We are all divided detached from one another,
When you can’t see the pain in the eyes of your brother.

What would he do, would he be sad or just mad?
HaShem expected from us the very best that he had.
He gave us a light we’re to shine in this world.
Sadly, we’re busy deciding what lashon hora
To hurl.

What light are we shining to all the nations?
We are more like them, help us oh GD, what a sad equation…..
Open your eyes we’re supposed to be one!
Only when this will happen, Moshiach WILL come!

As I struggle to understand all that was happening to me,
I kept praying HaShem, please don’t ever leave me.
I had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay,
What do I do without a place to pray?

I came with my children to a community;
I had no idea they would never accept me.
Everyone that was watching all that was going on,
Laughing at me, made me feel like a pawn….

I am a Jew too, of this I am certain,
Yet all I feel is if I was a burden.
I showed up with Simcha, already have run half the race….
I keep questioning HaShem, how’d I get to this place?

I lost family, friends, my family home too….
I’m fighting for my life, where are you?
I gave up everything that I had,
Even totaled my car, what an accident it was bad.

No money left, get her out of here….
Go to your community, I was told, my dear.
This is my community, you just never saw me,
You tried your very best to stay far far from me…..

One day they will face HaShem Devarim 27:19,
They will then realize they didn’t have to be mean……
Keeping my distance, I tried to stay out of sight,
I was scared to do anything; was I wrong or was I right?

Open your eyes, I am just like you,
I love, laugh, smile and I can cry too….
All that you heard here, every word it is true,
Guess what everybody, I am still a Frum Jew!

Part of Eretz Y’srael, I am part of the tribe,
A feeling so amazing, it can’t be described!
Shema Y’srael, HaShem Eloheinu!
I wrap myself up in the white and the blue!

You thought you could break me, then run me away!
Sorry to tell you, you won’t get your way….


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  1. Shachar Esther August 6, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    I don’t even know your name. Yet somehow I read every line in your voice .
    I don’t even know your name. Yet I can see what you didn’t write.
    Until we meet, i’ll be in area 3, of the 4 corners of the world waiting for you.
    Bring your appetite. Ps, yes I wash my chicken.

  2. Anonymous August 7, 2019 at 2:41 am

    I am so, so sorry. You deserve so much better. You are heard.

  3. Tova August 7, 2019 at 11:00 am

    BH. May Hashem Bless you dear sister… I am a Jew from birth and do not have color, Hashem has brought into my life converts from America, Chile, Argentina, Senegal ….such beautiful neshamot….And i have seen prejudice against them, it absolutely breaks my heart…. be strong, trust in your emunah, in Hashem’s Mercy…. praying you and your children will be blessed with all the brachot of the Holy Torah!!!

  4. JJPK August 9, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so sad to see the tribe turn its back on fellow Jews because of their color or because they are converts, and especially to turn on Jews whose love for HaShem is so clear. Family is not supposed to hurt family like this.

  5. Anonymous September 9, 2019 at 12:40 am

    My heart felt your words deeply.
    You are a strong woman.


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