To The One I Love?: I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that i’m hurting you with my indecision. idk if i’m just another guy with an inability to commit, or if i don’t love you enough, but i feel so trapped, stuck between the decisions demanded of me, locked into this small, dark, corner in which i’m huddled, feeling weak and powerless, and all the more weak and powerless knowing how weak and powerless I’m making you feel.

I want to give you the love you deserve. Maybe you love me too much and i love you too little and our loves can’t get out and meet but also they can enough for us to stay together, pulling us towards each other, apart with the silent scream of two heart-magnets attracting-repelling each other simultaneously.

I’m sorry for hurting you with my love. I want to love you as much as I need to, as much as the community demands. I can’t. Or i can. Idk. i’m sorry. I want to love you as much as you want me to. I want to be able to choose. To choose. Choice. Please God, give me choice. Give me choice. Please help my indecision hurt those who most deserve love and decisions.

For the torn apart hearts and the torn apart people in torn apart stable relationships.

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  1. Railev October 29, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    You articulated the perspective a person in my life who I could not understand. Thank you for your raw, open and heartfelt words.

    You can do this. ☆


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