On Fear And Faith

It’s when fear casts shadows
On places previously sun drenched.

Had we never known of monsters,
Would we have been afraid
Of the black space beneath our beds?

Had we never known of the evils of men,
Would we as women
Be fearless to face a dark alley at night?

It’s a strange thing
When fears crop up in places
Previously safe

When home become hazardous
And playgrounds become battlefields

If all walked this earth,
Wearing vulnerabilities as
Just another layer of clothes
Would the pulsing heart on my sleeve
Be such a liability?

Had we never known the
Weight of regrets
Would not decisions
And our shoulders
Feel lighter?

It’s when cars become crashes
And basements become shelters
And the frailty of
Skin and bones
Becomes apparent

And slowly
Newfound fears cast shadows
On places previously sun drenched

So plant a tree, they told me
And call it truth
Water it with love and fear

Let it’s roots penetrate your soul, they said
And let it grow fruits of intellect and emotion
Let it’s branches of
Faith and trust
Wind their way into your very veins.

So strong a tree
Should it be
That the knot of anxiety
Should shirk back into a nonentity.

Thing is, they said
At a flicker of truth
Fears flee

So plant a garden in your soul
And watch how sun drenched flowers sprout
In places previously
Shadow cast in fear.

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