On Being Useless

The news keeps pouring in…
a hurricane in the west
another hurricane in the west
a mass shooting

and it keeps pouring
a leader who cannot understand the pain of his people
even as he promises “we will never be ignored again”

he sees, hears that his words cause pain
that his actions cause pain
but he cannot understand
just like none of us ever could.

and if he is at all human
this causes him pain
and what we see is the result.

“not me too”
the essence of “me too”
איכה, ישבה בדד

I can’t really hear you
I can’t really help you
I don’t know what to do.
אין לה מנחם

The truth is that this goes further
I don’t know my own family, they don’t know me
Nothing bad happened, I can’t tell some story of
an event that hurt me unbearably
perhaps I’m spoiled.

so I will listen as best I can
and try not to tell another person
how and when to feel pain

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  1. Betsy Glass October 31, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Some people are born without a conscience….a moral compass. And he is one of them.


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