On Being Divine

Originally, we were divine celestial beings, afraid of nothing far in between. Then we managed to climb up a hill, claim Gd and then a cow as our will. To live.

We all know we were unforgettable from that point on when we left Gd’s hands. We laughed when we thought Gd would forsake us forever. When we were no longer us but divine dust.That continued to breathe the most freeing air of unconditional lust.

Ahh. It tasted so good to be true. Yes we needed it. Yes, we loved the time where intimacy was a palpable real thing, but boy, we were ready to adjust to something completely different. We were ready for something untold in the magnificent radiant love of the most blessed beings on earth, you know the human Being?

Why oh why are you surprised ? Have you no heart for anything else but humane buoyancy of the uplifting soul?

Why oh why are you forever disgraced for being a jew. You are a Jew and you are proud, do you feel comfortable saying it out loud or is it too crazy for you?

I hope not, because you have come too far to stay at home all day. Please find the time to make local calls too. To your own faith, your own voice that notifies you everyday.

That you are young. You are born and designed to do such ineffable tasks that were perfectly designed for you.

Yes, you were meant to shine from the moment your yechida, your highest part of your soul, measured the kind unbeknownst to your mother who bore you into the line of traditional gloss of being a queen.

Don’t let them outshine you while you wait. You are loved and I am too, for knowing You.

Trickling from your ways, learning to fly. Learning to wing life in the beautiful direction of I don’t care about anything other than You.

So thank You for making me alive, for being divine, for being light-hearted and emotional at the same time.

Yes, I love you far in between the unspeakable mountains I have to climb to stay alive.

Yes, I love you.


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