Not Afraid Of Wild Beasts Any More

22 ain’t a bad age to start my life
Independent from how I was raised
She thought as she left her house
in a plaid mini skirt and ruffled t shirt
in the heart of Crown Heights

She was determined to follow her heart in love and meeting her fears
So she went on a retreat and locked eyes with one
who for the first time looked back at her and saw her for her
Unlike the guys in her hometown who only saw her for her resume
and grandfather’s company’s last name

She chose different this time
And star gazed with the guy who expanded her sense of touch
as he pressed his lips against hers
so she could feel passion kindled in her heart
which no one ever taught her was a form of oxygen to breathe

This oxygen led her to her first breath of many
In which she would choose heart bending as opposed to brain conforming

And so she continued to learn the ukulele
from a guy that conformed most to society’s religious expectations and negotiations
She would also teach him to follow his heart rather than his mind

Until she came to the hardest challenge of all
Holding an animal that made her feel a loss of control and scared
more than any other beast

A dog, made to be loved,
she was given the exposure to a fluffy Maltese with pink highlights,
the owner plopped the dog in her lap as he ran for a cafe run,
and she just sat on the corner of the block in Brooklyn
holding this wild beast that was no longer wild, but kind and gentle

And she sat there holding this dog, cuddling it with love,
like it was her most self-conscious self, breathing life,
she reminded herself the importance to follow her heart and not her mind

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