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Hello, friends. It’s been less than a year since Neshamas launched, and we can say in full confidence that we are blown away with the results.

Making a site anonymous, and accepting of virtually all posts, is an act of trust.  It means having to defend what comes out, no matter how controversial.  It means trusting that people will use the platform in good faith, and not abuse it.  It means hoping that it will be used in a way that will help people, and give solace both to the writer and the reader.

Neshamas has been blessed to see that trust repaid a million times over.  The submissions here have been at times heartbreaking, unbelievably painful, and yet so honest and so important that they have helped transform the Jewish world in a very short time.  From affecting the coursework of some learning institutions to pushing conversations around subjects people could only once share with their closest friends, the writers of Neshamas, whoever they are, have transformed this blank canvas into an artwork of healing and transformation.

And with all of that, we have decided to try and push our ultimate mission, giving voice to the voiceless, to the next level.  By literally providing voices for pieces that the writers would be unable to share with their own voices.

We have started a podcast.  It is bare-bones.  No production, or intro music.  Just voice actors reading posts from Neshamas.

One last thank you: thank you to our voice actors and actresses who volunteered their time just to help make this happen. They are the ones who bravely, altruistically gave their voices to the voiceless.  The voice actors you’ll hear from are Aliza Polansky, Elie Benhiyoun, Mindy Schaper, Robyn Black, and Joshua Rubin.

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And, most importantly, listen to our first two episodes below:

Voice actress: Aliza Polansky

Voice actor: Elie Benhiyoun

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  1. Anonymous November 20, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Wow. so powerful.


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