My Love In Opposites

Who you are is not who I was expecting.
Who you are: my former partner, the man
I fell in love with, the first man I trusted
With my body, the man who told me he
Would teach me all about making love,
A gay man by your own words,
If I could trust them, which I can’t,
A man 21 years older than me, a rabbi
My first boyfriend, a married man,
Sworn to another, a man who with his wife
Takes other couples into their marriage bed,
A liar, a swirling vortex of love and affection,
A joke, a mockery of everything I hold dear,
A predator on the vulnerable, a disbeliever,
A questioner, someone with a cruel streak,
A destroyer of hearts and minds, the man who
Made a joke of my life and my heart and my religion
A crossdresser, a withdrawer
A chassidishe swinger, a peddler of fantasies,
A man who swore he was only mine,
My love, my love

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