My Dear Sister

the song my dear ima

a classic happy song that the majority of us probably grew up with about thanking mommy

now a spin on that song

involving a girl suffering from ptsd

it has a story line, it’s about; well read……. or rather sing it.


My dear chani i’m writing this letter to ask why you cry out at night

From my impression as your sister you were always filled with delight

As far back as I can remember you`ve made me laugh be grateful for life

Why is it that you seem so sad you’re about to be a wife

Sheitel shopping you delay you still refuse to look at gowns

can you tell me your secret I hate to see you frown


My dear shprintza i’m writing this letter to tell you why I am so sad

purim night when I was 12 I encountered a drunk man

his name I wont say it doesn’t matter anymore

an innocent bais Yaakov girl robbed of all things pure

I cant cope with all the smiles all they are is a disguise

I want to be with hashem now away from all these lies

I love yanky with all my heart but I can not be his wife

we`ll meet again in shamayim tell him to move on with his life

my brachah goes to him that he`ll find his basheres one day

that he`ll build a הייליק family that it’ll all be okay

tell ima and abba that I love them And shmully and dov ber too

And my dear sister shprintza ill always love you


this IS original

this is NOT my suicide note

this IS intertwined with fiction but some parts are true to me

its so scary to think that this could be my ending

trauma with a man reluctant to get married and then killing myself

I daven that by the time I am ready to get married I will mentally be stable 

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  1. Michelle August 25, 2017 at 10:13 am

    my heart breaks for you. I pray you heal. You deserve a good life.

  2. Sarah-Menucha August 25, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Dearest sister, that was once my fear and biggest pain. May Hashem give you strength. You WILL find a loving man who will love you irregardless of what has happened. You are a holy Neshama. May you find healing in what you write.

    I have found that man who loves me irregardless of what happened and it was the most scary thing to tell him and wait for his response but all that didn’t matter to him.
    Your sister.


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