Meira Kuperstein

*please note all names have been changed*

Meet Meira Kuperstein, so full of light
Who, it’s sad to say, wasn’t treated right
The details themselves don’t really matter
But her world around her started to shatter
This is the story, of her and her plight

She sat down and tried writing a letter
But that didn’t make her feel all that much better
She needed badly to let it out
On the rooftops, she wanted to shout
Even to people who had only just met her

Through the help she tried to obtain
She only felt more and more pain
She wondered and worried, “They’ll only think less
If the truth, I ever confess”
So from speaking at all, she tried to refrain

She eventually spoke up, sensing nothing to lose –
“Mom, please listen, I was emotionally abused”
But as an older, wiser parent
The solution seemed so apparent
And so her mother started to accuse

“Well, did you notice any signs?
Did you try to draw a line?
It’s really your own fault,
You didn’t bring it to a halt;
How could this happen to a child of mine?”

That’s not at all what she wanted to hear
Such comments merely instilled more fear
She desperately pleaded
But didn’t know what she needed
From family, friends and loved ones so dear

Feeling complete and utter defeat
She tried her friend down the street
But this neighbour lacked the finesse
And Meira didn’t know how to express
That her expectations, she did not meet

“Look to tomorrow,” suggested this friend
“Whatever pain you’re in, it’s bound to end.
You’re in your dating prime
You’ll get over it in no time.”
But Meira didn’t see how it could mend

Said her teacher, “It could be worse
It’s happened to others, you’re not the first
Your life overall, isn’t it just great?”
Her feeling he continued to negate
And so, into tears she burst

Another had said, “Don’t be so frail,
Just spit it out, I want detail”
But Meira sensed her butting-in nose
And didn’t feel safe to disclose
At a loss for words, she started to wail

“It’s not helpful, nor nice, it’s honestly just mean;
I’m looking for someone on whom I can lean;
I don’t want to hear that if I were you,
‘Take note and see, this is what I’d do,’
And no, it’s not something I could’ve foreseen”

“So how do we help, what do we do?”
These questions were all sincere and true
But Meira couldn’t say
She just asked them to stay
And hoped they’d see that she was blue

Said the wisest, “It’s a lot to carry, a lot to lug
On your heartstrings this surely will tug
I know it hurts, it’s ok to be sad,
You can be angry, you can feel mad,
Just know that I’m here, if you need a hug.”

Meira Kuperstein, usually quite strong
Was, unfortunately, treated very wrong
It’s not on you to make it go away
A therapist, you don’t have to play
Just know that the process can be long

It’s never an easy situation to navigate
But you should know, it’s never too late
To be present and be there
And show that you care
All you have to do is validate

Don’t deny that their emotions are real
They have a right to how they feel
At the very least
They’ll feel at peace
That’s the best way to help someone heal.

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