Married To Hashem

Wake up from your slumber party
Ain’t no one gonna treat you better then you treat yourself
Of being a queen
Of being a shining beacon
Of strength when the roof can no longer support you and your king
Who intimidates you with his words and finds pleasure in the nonsensical
To keep you less than him
To keep you dependent on him
As he wants
So he doesn’t have to explore himself
To fine tune his ways
Like a guitar that once sang positive melodies
This one has gotten way of wack
So you can sit here and bear witness
To the pain that you perpetrate
Or you can choose life
And facilitate the truths that start beckoning at you
To grow
To be you
The best you
Without excuses
Never make an excuse for garbage
Even if your kids call him daddy
And your mom calls him security
You are secure
You are married to Hashem
So rise up from your melancholy ways
You have a husband
HASHEM will provide
Choose him in your waking
And let your soul thrive
No buts no waiting
Just allow yourself to be free
Of the ridden expectations of what marriage should be

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  1. Chaya malkah November 16, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Wow, really powerful. Sounds like he caused you alot of pain. Is there another side to the story? Any chance Hashem put him there to teach you something or to work on each other together?

  2. Anonymous November 16, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Feeling a bitter story hiding in your poem. A husband needs to be the replica of Hashem for a wife on this planet. May Hashem change your life to the better!


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