Marriage Without Romance

Did you ever feel what I felt
Being in a relationship
Yet feeling so lonely
When there is no romance
When you are not sure
That you are in love
The way you should be
The way it’s portrayed to us
Through the media
Yet you stay
Stuck in what you hope is love
Trying to create romance
Where there isn’t place for any
For he isn’t a romantic

He isn’t good with words
Or self expression
You don’t know how he feels
You don’t know what he thinks
You almost don’t know him at all
Yet you stay at his side
For he as always stayed with you
Through the good and the ugly
You know he’s the safe choice

But sometimes you feel like
Flirting with danger
Playing with fire
So that you can feel alive
And live the good life
For you live only once
You want to live to the fullest
You want to see the world
You want to break free
Of those shackles that keep you captive
To the only life you know
To your so called lover
To your arranged marriage
You want to rebel
And see if love can be more
With someone
That shares your interests
Shares your dreams
Can see life the way you do
To see your beauty

But for you it’s all a fantasy
Forbidden thoughts
For if you go there
All can be lost
If you were wrong about it
You can get burnt
In your journey of finding love
Your children can get scarred
When you play with fire

Yet you want to light the match
To brighten the darkness in your heart
To feel the passion
To feel loved
By the perfect stranger
To awaken the part of you
That’s been dead for years

I need to flip the switch off now
In my brain
For the darkness is my safety net
There’s too much at stake
To light that fire

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  1. Menachem October 3, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Very poignant. Thank you for sharing

  2. Rivky October 3, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    I feel so much for the person in this situation. No one should have to live out their life like that. We are meant to live every day fully with the opportunity to experience joy in our heart, and that kind of marriage would stifle anyone’s capacity for true joy. I hope you get the joy you’re aching for.


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