Marriage Counseling Shpitzel – Shtriemel

Marriage Counseling Shpitzel – Shtriemel

Life within our community is awesome.
Rules are guideposts, and guidelines are liberating
Procreation is my life mission and the more the merrier.
Dress codes are protective, and modesty commands are part of the nobility.

Life within our community is awful.
Rules are oppressive, and guidelines are suffocating.
Procreation is often a distraction, and children are utilized as enforcement tools.
Dress codes are empty suits, and modesty commands are mostly suppressive.

Why do you have to question the divine? Just follow.
Why do you resist the blessings? Just give in.
Why do you rebel against godly? Just let go.
Why do you dismiss the light? Just accept and believe.

How can I follow? Questioning and non-conformity allow me to feel alive.
How can I give in? Resistance and struggle are the only way I can have some relevance.
How can I let go? Rebellious thoughts and defiant dreams keep me going day and night.
How can I accept? Deceit, corruption, and exploitation are utilized by Rabbis day in and day out.

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