Life throws curveballs at you. They might hurt in the moment of getting hit but when get you get to first you realize , it doesn’t really hurt that much. You just have to focus on the good and never dwell on the bad. Sadly, it’s hard not to think these but always remember it will go away after a bit and you will feel better eventually. As I always say to myself when I’m in a dark place, it isn’t worth it to do something stupid. If it hurts now and you do something, you will regret it later on. This is just Hashem’s way of testing us. We might have not found our purpose yet but we were put in this world to do something. We might not know it yet but you will when the right time comes. Now you understand why I leave the classroom almost every class because physically I have to unless I want to subject myself to pain. It’s very hard to push through and I’ve lost hope multiple times but every time I have come out stronger and more prepared than before.

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