Letter To My Abuser: Audio

“To my abuser,

What can I say to you, who has taken so much from me? Where do I start when it has taken me thirty years to finally acknowledge what you did to me? My heart has started to pound as I write these words. That is how much of a hold the abuse has over me.”

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Voice acting by Mindy Schaper.

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  1. M peyton January 1, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    I want the voices of my past to stop! I’m being self destructive on my own now…. so programmed by the abusers of my past…. that I have to continue to remind myself of self care. Eating, sleeping…. everyday things are getting harder to do. I have no close friends to rely on or talk to about anything… my family can’t be inconvenienced by me and they know what I experienced at the hands of my abusers. When will it end…..?


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