I Knew Enough To Walk Away

You said you would love me forever
That I was the love of your life
You promised you would never leave me
That I was your lady, the only one for you

I was blinded by the by the petals of roses
That you spilled along the path
As I walked beside you hand in hand
I was in enamored
By the romantically laced words
That you whispered in my ear

As we lie together watching the stars
Dreaming about our future together
We thought of names for the large dog
We would adopt shortly after our wedding
We talked about the kids we would have
While we heard the waves of the sea crash
We ran around barefoot in the sand
So carefree with laughter near the shore
Feeling the warmth of the sand below
Like children our faces aglow

I stood in front of the mirror naked
As you hung a beautiful diamond necklace
Gently around the nape of my neck
I looked in to your eyes gratefully
Knowing how lucky I was to be the one
That you wanted as your princess

I saw the passion in your eyes
The lust you had for my naked body
I knew that I could trust you with my life
That you would fill the hole in my heart
With all the love I had never gotten
And be my knight and shining armor
Rescuing me from a life of mediocrity
Giving me a life in the lap of luxury
Endowing me with expensive gifts
Making life into a never ending dance
Filling it with happiness at every chance

You spoke the language of my heart
Making my stomach flutter each time
You put your hand around my waist
I loved the way you held me close
Telling me how beautiful I was
I loved the way you would caress my hair
And plant a kiss softly on my ear
I loved seeing your pearly whites
The strong smell of your cologne
Your perfectly gelled blonde hair
Your straight posture and confident aura

I saw a perfect future with you
As a shining beacon of light
But on that quiet summer night
I turned to you and kissed you on the lips
Then quietly walked away from you
Never quite looking back
For I knew that you couldn’t be real
Because something that perfect
Exists only in the fantasy of the heart

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  1. Sara October 17, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I relate to this on so many levels


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